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Hello everyone!!
I know I went a little MIA on you guys yesterday but it was just one of those days, you know the kind where you just want to hide in a dark corner and be let alone for an eternity…maybe that’s just me. Anyways, so I’m back here today! No videos yet, however, that’s not stopping me from spending hours on YouTube.
 (I’ve titled all the little paragraphs below in an attempt to make all the text seem less intimidating and so you may choose what you’d like to read instead of being confused by all of it lol)
 I spent around two hours yesterday watching the first two episodes of revenge. I had seen the previews multiple times before but when it aired I already had a list of shows to keep up with (PLL, TVD, Lost Girl, Once Upon a Time) and I could only take so much downtime I mean, homework didn’t do itself! And honestly, it wasn’t really something that immediately caught my attention. Now however, with all my beautiful shows (cough, Ian!) out of my life I needed another drug. And so I went on the lookout and came across Kyle xy, saw the first season, loved it, but couldn’t will myself to continue. So after some more searches and endless raving (mostly from those in the UK) of the wonders of “Revenge” I finally sat down and watched the first two episodes. Let me just say, it is a really really good drama, I almost feel like it’s a high standard soap opera. Plus, I recognize a few of the faces. I believe the younger boy played Serena’s brother in Gossip Girl, the rich boyfriend was in Jackson VP, the British girl I’ve seen before I swear! (just don’t remember L ), skinny white rich girl, seen her too and of course I believe that maybe, just maybe, the bar owner played the bounty hunter in lost girl. But besides the characters (and the fact that the crazy bitch has my name), I really do like It and recommend everyone to give the show a chance!
Now unto less trivial manners, I’ve limited the space on this blos to three posts a page so if you’d like to read older posts you must scroll down and click on the little arrow. Moreover, I’ve signed up for feed burner so you may now scroll down and you’ll find a little box where you can plop in your e-mail and any time I post something new, it’ll be sent straight off into your inbox! Woo!
Adding on to my mess of thoughts, I’d like to add that I have received my SAT scores, I wouldn’t say I did poorly, but I by no means over excelled. I did the same as any average child would do (which is fine considering there was no studying involved) but the point is that although idk what the scores mean (Reading 590, Math 450, Writing 520) I scored 10 points above the required math score to not get placed in a remedial course, which is insane considering I left plenty of questions blank and guessed on the majority. So for that, I am grateful!
As promised, writing is something I have a deep passion for but can never really will myself to do, its something that just has to come and I must be prepared when it does so as to not lose it. However, Figment is holding a summer contest in which you write a short story (500 words or less) on a summer trip/camping with friends/first summer job which you submit and id chosen as a winner, you may get a nook snd have your story published on a nook  (for free), but hello! Published c’mon that’s amazing! So I’m trying really hard to get something out. Here’s a very short sneak peak that may or may not be the actual entry, again, as I said before, I’m still working on it. But ihave until July 15 and I encourage all you writers out there to take a chance and enter too, you never know!
And of course, my sneak peak :
The horizon was a light mauve blending into an array of pinks and tangerines as the sun made its way towards the heavens. The breeze was soft and gentle, caressing my skin each time it blew. It was the beginning of a splendid summer, or so I thought.
Each year, as the season changed and the temperature rose, my parents would pack up the entire house and dump its contents in another; a bleach white structure with floor to ceiling windows which overlooked the beautiful sea, and nothing else. It was a time which allowed us to cleanse ourselves of all the years’ troubles and just enjoy what life had to offer.
Being as the sun now stood high and the wind had settled, I was ready to bath in its glory. I was slowly stepping back from the window when I suddenly found myself constrained. I tried to shake it off but was paralyzed. My body failed to respond to any physical demand and I was beginning to feel frightened. All too soon I fell backwards; like I had been coiled tightly and then set loose. I flung my arms as they went, hoping to grasp onto something solid. Instead, I continued to fall rapidly into a dark abyss of suppressed memories.  

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