Father's Day, Breakfast, Mindlessness

It seems i can NEVER see the title box when writing a new post, what has this world gone to?!
Today has been as uneventful as ever:
1.Mindless hours of Kyle xy
2."             "           "  YouTube

on the bright side, today was father's day in America!! I made a huge breakfast (scrambled eggs, Vienna sausages and cheese filled croissants!)
Here's a picture of my plate:

and guess what, my father ate it in front of his computer as he played Diablo. I let it slide, since it was "his" day (cough cough)

and now..he's not even home...

oh well, at least it was a full - filling ( see what i did there?) morning!

Hope your day went sweller than mine.

ooo i just recently ordered my two summer reading books ( hopefully i don't put off reading those too...)


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    1. According to the school's website, AP lit kids have to read Pride and Prejudice as well as One flew over the Cookoo's(can't spell that lol) nest then write one essay on one book.. choose one prompt. and oh! test when we return from summer vacation on both books. Mine have yet to arrive and i am so NOT looking forward to it.