I can't see the blog title thingy but am still typing! :)

Good Day dear blog, how have you been?
Good you say..well, I’m glad to read it!
My days have been quite odd and uneventful, on the bright side, I finally committed to two (tutu? Jejeje) YouTube videos without immediately deleting them!
Can I get a woot woot!
<woot woot>
I have more plans up ahead (she said while tapping her fingers with a devilish grin, muahaha)
Anyways, so I am currently waiting on the *beep* my microwave will provide signaling the end of the Ramon Noodle journey. (I bet you thought the *beep* was going to be a bad word, shame on you) Like pizza,chocolate and meat was not enough!
OOOO I just remembered, tonight’s pretty little liars and Jane by Design, yay! I’ve been suffering from Lost Girl withdrawel syndrome, my conscious mind had enough to deal with when TVD left me..now this…
Sorry, I need a moment..(to get my noodles!)
Here’s a picture of me and my noodles!! 
alright, so i'll see you soon!!
Going to watch another episode of "2 broke girls"

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