A picture's worth a thousand words

I've imported all pictures from my cellular device as well as clips and such so this whoool epost will re-cap not only my entire week (thus far) but some of june and just everything!! Soo here we go :D

These are in no particular order, but this is a model of my name created by a Fox Photo thingy(the envelope they send you in order to convince you to waste money on senior pictures) This model was made while watching Kyle XY (season 2..because the first season was amazing) to portray my boredum as well as disdain for highschool things ( like stupid senior pictures). Oh and of course, my twisty paper letter talents! (i'd say early june)

Early June once again, this was before Kyle but during 2 broke girls. Chicken parmasean, DELECIOUS! (hot night, wind was blowin..sorry listening to "Call me maybe" :p )
One of my first makeup videos on my new channel. I woke up that morning and thought to myself, what if i just document my whole morning?! So after deleting breakfast and bed making footage i uploaded a video showing my daily routine (which i usually fail to follow haha i'm a lazy bum1) And well, went crazy with the camera once i was done, these are one of the many pictures i managed to take. Editing does wonders!
While in the airport, i checked my twitter, and found this lovely picture ian had just tweeted, so of course, stalker that i am, i saved it!! Isn't he beautiful?
and this is the airport. (featuring my aunt) We spent a good few hours here awaiting the arrival of my Cousin's grandmother. As we waited we managed to snoop and question all those people who were standing by the "arrival" glass. There were a great many moms and balloons, we were intrigued. Turns out, a group of 12 year olds were coming home from a trip to Europe ( i never did that when i was 12)

The day Josc and Angie came over...quite the experience! Lol it was tons of fun. We filmed a whole lot  Josceline was angry because i had an extremely old and unflattering picture of her on my phone, and so i have renewed their contact images with the pictures above.
My Trident bubble sculpture. (This one was made during REVENGE, i get a little bored during shows after 5 hours okay...don't judge me) am i not the artist?
This picture was taken around the second week of June. My gram's had snuck in and layed down beside me while my dad slept in the other room. We got bored there just staring at each other so i played some music. Then she suddenly got this brilliant idea and called one of her friends and put my phone next to hers so that they listened to "Edward's lullaby" and then hung up. After we did, her friend called back singing " ave maria!" it was the silliest morning :D we did one of these bonding things again the following week. This time i asked her to tell me a story. Of course, these things always, somehow, end up being a little freaky. She told me how when she was much younger one of her neighbors had passed away and no one wanted to dress him for the funeral so she and her friends volunteered. So they're there, all excited to dress a dead person, they walk into the room...and then quickly run out ( or atleast considered it being as three girls cannot possibly fit through a door at the same time. they claim to have seen his ghost fly out the door so they FREAKED! ( then spent part of the morning cracking up xD)

These three pictures were taken just three days ago on July 4rth. It was of the charity i was volunteering at. The first depicts the mass of spectators that accumulated that night outside to eat hot dogs and watch the Fireworks ( the reaction i was given when i stated that i was allergic to hot dogs, priceless!) The second picture was of one of the beautiful fireworks. And the third has a VERY interesting story. The picture wasn't taken to show all the tables full of nick knacks and the things we were selling to raise money...OH NO! 

The most frustrating day ever!!!!!! (JULY 5) i was sooo mad, re-filming over and over and over again! ugh!! And so to vent my frustration, i made a little clip of me cursing, and due to the extended amount of time blogger takes to upload videos, i'm going to ,instead, insert a snapshot of my angry face.
This was earlier in the day (july 5) befOre everything started going wrong. I was actually in a quite giddy mood! Hence, the silly picture xD I qas thinking of putting it on instagram but why should i?? My blog readers should have the privilege of viewing special content not available to everyone else right?!
My morning cafe o lait! With yummy toasty croissants! I thought the cup was just too cute to pass up a photo opportunity. I savaged the mug from the charity, free of charge!!
Speaking of mornings.....

These five pictures were originally part of a clip which blogger is much to lazy t upload and so you cannot see it :( but it will be up on my vlog channel at some point because it is just halarious! )
 It clearly illustrates how mornings are spent at my house....
1. Dad plays WOW
2.I dance around
3.Gram's dances around
4.I draw silly reminders
5. Gram's thinks im crazy

These two were taken yesterday, the first is of my brother's sister Laura. I had just finished playing around with my DSLR and decided to take a picture of her, she was creating her Mary Kay sight. Later that night, we went to publix to pick up a few bits and she bought be Toblerone..sooo sweet but so delecioius!! If you haven't already, you NEED to try this choclate :D
And to end this wonderfully long and descriptie blog post of my summer (thus far), i have included a picture taken today of this button which sleeps on classy beige pillo that lays on my bed. It has a place in my blog not only becase it wa staken today but its different from all the other buttons on the pillow, just like how were're all different and quirky in our own ways.

If you were interested, today i dusted my furniture, had ice-cream for breakfast,packed my bags, filled my ipod with a few different artists (florence and the machine,kimbra,karmin etc...), ate a filling (un-healthy) meal, had two pieces of Toblerone. Videos may/maynot be uploaded for the next two weeks. I'm not allowed to bring my camera with me due to safety reasons ( poor canon cannot have a short life span!) and so, if allowed to use the cousin's macbook, videos and blogs will be regularly uploaded, if not. ....I don't wan to think of the latter.

Now i challenge ALL you odd little buttons to take atleast one picture a day for the next week, upload them, and tell your story. Do your own "a picture's worth a thousand words" post.

Love you all :D

Happy day

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