Present and future turmoil

Hallo everybody! (To be said in a British accent)
It is but the start of a new week. And before we get into the occasional ramble I’d like to quickly mention that I have uploaded 2 July favorites videos unto both my YouTube channels.
Alright, so moving right along, I’d like to share a few of my daily doings and what is to come in the very near future. So as of right now I’ve been trying to be a little nicer to myself cutting back on my chocolate binging and boredom snack attacks ( you know what I’m talking about). Moreover, the past..
(ouch! I bit my lip!)
…the past few mornings I have snapped on my Pandora app, stood on the living room floor, and started a 10 minute warm up consisting of a few stretches in addition to some ab exercises. Then, within another 10 minutes, I spend my time speed walking. It’s not too long or intense but I feel accomplished, as if I’m doing something better for myself. So whether its 5 to 20 minutes a day I recommend everyone to get off their butts and sweat a little!
Now , unto the future… Wednesday as you all know is fourth of July, the day the British lost America…( I’m a huge Brit fan so , it’s sort of disappointing…) but I will spend most of my day in the blistering sun helping my 2nd (maybe 3rd?) aunt with an autism charity and my grandmother may ( 94% chance) be leaving to Cuba for about 10 days on friday/saturday,which leaves me here in Miami to fend for myself... I will be trapped in a home with 2 bedrooms, one working bath, and 6 people…..fun fun ( sarcasm) so the background of my videos may alter..as well as my weight..i tend to eat way less when I’m not home. It also means a lot more sunlight ( which I despise), no laptop ( my father still hasn’t agreed to purchase one) ..the list can go on and on but by golly I will find one way or another to edit and upload my videos!
What will occur after those 10 days, only the universe can answer that question. Perhaps another month of me and my computer….someone should really fly me off to London...Seriously….aliens, Obama, George Clooney..I’m sure all three of them could afford it lol!
Oh, and it gets worst. Within those 10 days, AP scores come in and guess who won’t be home?
My free people purchase may arrive (almost $800…don’t ask) and who won’t be home to receive it?
Okay, I’m done, rant over and out.
GOOOOOOOOOD bye (to be said like Joey graceffa…just YouTube it. )