This i-pad has but 25% battery left so i will try to give a quick run down on everything as swiftly as i can. So, re-cap: the last few days have resembled my days at home quite closely, staying at home, eating all day etc... Except for the mere fact that i tend to spend a few hours in other peoples homes, which quite frankly, although at first ultimately awkward, have not been so bad. I've become accustomed to reality televisin (kardashians etc..)as well as sports (tour de france ). Instead of my earlier prediction of me losing some sort of unwanted body mass, i've actually managed to put on 2 extra pounds. Whether its the lack of #2 ( yea yea i know eew vicky TMI!!) or the excessive amounts of carbs in each meal, i do not know. I just hope that i can lose those two pounds eventually for i have a package awaiting me at home which needs to fit....or else! ( we're down to 24% battery now...) The teens i have met thus far (3 in totality) have all shared something in common, same likes, same problems,same style,same.....everything! I, on the other hand, have managed to accumulate several awkward encounters as well as being called weird for being my weirdo self...fun!!! (22%)battery, i've gone back and corrected a few words...awkward being spelled a few different ways, lol, idk why i have such a hard time with that word. Anyways, so yes all this awkwardness,boredum, and fat has led on to today. A day which i now finally have some sort of internet access, a day which i was allowed to shower and not be repremanded for taking so long, a day to myself. At least until my cousin comes back, and dont get me wrong, i love her to pieces,but a few hours of just me and technology....i rather enjoy. I was able to speak to my fellow "besties" ( we need a cooler name guys!!) yesterday and that managed to plaster a smile on my face. Angela, Joscelin and Hubert are the absolute best!it was a nice way to sort of re-connect to my side of the woods.

 Ps: Just in case i can no longer post a blog in some time, i'd like to let you know that i will be leaving to sunny isles on Monday. That means a whooole entire week consisting of 10 more awkward encounters,boredum,weirdness (on my part). Hopefully a breezy shade for i won't be caught dead in a bathing suit . O-O uhghh

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  1. You don't have a horrible body Vicky!! And yes we need a cooler name we should come up with one!