Sunlit Others

Dear blogeroons, I will first like to apologize for my lack of "professionalism", typos and my absence. I am being kept and curated in a home with no familiar/friendliar communication except for that which technology can provide. I have seen the sun more times than not and many may find that swell, but to one that cares not much for sun, it may not be going so well.OF course i like an outing, much like any other person, except for when one has no money. I fail to see how walking in circles, obsessing over what others have and intaking high calorie cofee shakes can be fun. And so, today, as the crowd heads towards their same destination, have chosen to steer clear, so i sit here, curated in this lovely home and am wary of the sunllight. i hope your days are filled with bliss and the yonder! Sincerely, Vicky

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