Thoughts & Doings : Nightly Revenge

Not the blog post I was hoping for but if all goes well, tomorrow should be a nice blog/vlogging day (fingers crossed)I just wanted to come on here and tell  you to watch Revenge. I came across a little review online and re-kindled my feelings for the series and am devastated to find that it will not return until September. You must watch it!!!!
I was finally able to pack my clothes/shoes (3 bags…I suck at packing), am still awaiting the Ap scores and my Free People purchase to arrive, still not sure if I’m attending the movies tomorrow…etc etc (actually I just got a text, no movies, which is sort of good, more time to be productive)
Plus, the fact that I’ve just been completely on edge and irritated the ENTIRE DAY doesn’t really help in my sorting. I was just a little twat to everyone today (which I regret now) but ugh, it just wasn’t my day. On the bright side, it ended with TOBLERONE chocolate (sooo delightful). So hopefully I can redeem myself and behave in a more socially acceptable way tomorrow. Maybe It’s just teenage angst….
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It’s almost tomorrow 11:50 pm

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