First day of School

As you all may (or may not) know, today was my first day of senior year! It is but my last first day of public school,lower educat, i can't seem to find the correct words, but hopefully, you get what i mean. Its diferent walking into highschool, than living on your own and attending college. Anyways besides that i felt like i NEEDED to rant about today, all my emotions are seriously eating up my insides!

I was anxious as it was to be going back to school and bumping into someone i dreaded seeing made it even worse. I won't get into any detail, all i'll mention was that i played my nonchalance rather well and the other person was rather rushed so the awful run-in was short. Of course, i wanted to crawl i a hole and DIE!

Moving on....

let us speak of  the classes and its inhabitants

My first block (2nd period) didn't come to a bad start, i got there early, helped the teacher and scored a good seat. She seems quite humble and nice but i feel as if her voice is a bit monotone and staying conscious will be an ongoing battle .However, it was alright. The real RANT lies in the children. I speak ill of no one and am friendly to all, its just the mere fact that many are new faces, some are arrogant and just, not the pool i normally swim in. I know Vicky "meet new people, be open minded" and I AM! but i speak of those whom i'm alread familiar with and of others i cannot say, but most of their demeanor speak for themselves.I have but one girl whom i can speak to, but she sits much too far. I don't really know what to excpect out of this class, a droning voice, seclusion,tons of work...i don't know.

Moving on to 2nd block (1st period)
The infamous class which all were doomed to transfer out of. I heard horror upon horrors of the instructor. And, in all honesty, yes it seems like a difficult class, yes, he may prove to have ill teaching methods, yes he is strict, but all he said to us today was correct and so to me, he didn't seem like an"Ass" but like a professor. You know, learning is your job not mine, and i like that. Plus the fact that i had lovely people in the class made it all the better. You know, you have someone to complain to when the going gets tough lol

3rd block
Now, i HATED this!!
The only reason: i plan everything and steering away from schedule PISSES me off! Its probably immature and irrational + i didn't enter alone, but it still bothered me. I HATE arriving late to class. My wonderful principal withheld our class for 10 minutes as he spoke of the wonders he encountered in China. Meanwhile, kids were settling in, getting to know the teacher and receiving assignments. Walking into that class was a nightmare. Getting stared out, missing the conversation, rushing to copy the assignment, getting stuck in that part of the class where NOTHING was visible, PLUS it was filled (mostly, not all!) with children whom were of again, of a different pool. Teachers favorite, smartest, best all around ya -da-ya-da-ya-da. But that's okay because students are no matter and the teacher was outstanding! Very passionate about his work, intellectual, and seemed like a great guy. I'm going to try my best at the assignment given to us tonight and steal someone else's seat tomorrow, screw them right? i NEED t see!

Re-uniting with old friends, always great.
But i felt as if i couldn't really re-connect with them all because i was already being weighed by all the pressure, it was an overwhelming day, too much to take in, too many things to think about.

4rth block
Small class ,familiar face, and EXTREMELY intimidation. Je ne parles pas francais! okay? haha having someone speak to you solely an french and not understanding a word, is frightening!

5th block
Same dreaded math teacher rom years past. Great guy, funny, awful at teaching. (in my opinion) was sat alphabetically (in the back again! ugh -_-) However, thanks to this arrangement i made two new friends :D so im happy about that.

6th block
Great way to end the day, again with the pool of kids, but seating was pretty liberal, i sat by a friend i had met the year before and again a passionate very down to earth teacher!

I hope your day went well and you weren't freaked out of your mind. Because i was DYING of anxiety. Fingers crossed it gets better :/

PS: i tried to refrain from names and specific classes due to the fact that i have kids from school who read this blog and i didn't want to offend or leave out anyone.Just know that those lovely friends i mentioned having, were you! and i thank you for making my day a little brighter :D

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