UN-titled (or is it? )

Hello Bloggeroons!
oops, sorry, see i was trying to use the underline tool for the title (i was going to be all witty and write bonjour) and go into the whole thing that i am no longer taking french. However, i found i could not use it, and forgot to un-click the tool. whoops!

Anyways, so hello!

Although i haven't posted much recently, i HAVE been blogger obsessed. I now follow 23 Blogs...mhm

I've been meaning to post endlessly, ramble of life, upload random photos I've been storing on my good ol' sidekick for the past month, create a beauty blog etc. Yet each time i sit down to do so, i suddenly become distracted, frustrated or even exhausted and have to stop! I receive homework, obviously, but its not as horrid as i make it out to be. My problem is procrastination and the fact that i'm a slug. Work that perhaps takes 15 minutes to complete, takes me an hour. And that's not just in school work, it also applies to bathing, getting ready etc... I need a fast-forward button

Furthermore, i want to create this wonderful perfect beauty blog but i haven't got a clue as to where i can find blogger buttons, templates, how i can make tabs etc.. Although nothing i do is perfect, i'm still a perfectionist and so until i somehow learn and discover how/where exactly i can design my blog, it'll remain in my to do list, UN-marked.

I have recently applied to re-take  the SAT and ACT's but have come across an obstacle, i may have to pay $70 for subject tests :/ idk what to do Plus, i'm still not prepared. NYU is my dream, being able to live in New York for a year, study in England for my sophomore and junior years through study abroad, graduate in clinical psychology with an abnormal and forensic background (and then of course there's that little day dream in the back of my mind in which i become an actress/writer, but that's even MORE far off!). UGH. but guess what, i'm an average student, with average grades (in comparison to the over achievers of course) no clubs/sports and zero money. NYU  that's definitely scratched off the list. Sigh, i don't know. The fact that i'm a senior has YET to sink in, and as the winter months start to approach, i don't know what i'm going to do!! :(

Besides school worries ( thank god you didn't need to hear my daily complaints on french (which i have sense then switched to drama)) i have stopped attending the gym, started eating more, and am now again obese. Okay, i'm not obese, i'm not even fat, but i am not skinny nor am i fit. Gah, see, if i had that fast-forward button,school work would have been completed quickly and i would have kept going to the gym. Shame on you world for not creating one!! (Never mind, Click was a sad film)

I must attend my dad's girlfriend's birthday tomorrow. ( they're 50, that's just weird. 50 year old girlfriends..eew, don't even mention the fact that physical things can be happening. My grandma said it joking around and i almost died. I said something along the lines of "They're too old, saggy etc..", yea, disgusting. Let's just pretend that adults never ever have sex okay?) So i have to attend her birthday, a day filled with family members not related to me, who probably don't care i exist, fake smiles etc..fun! (i hope they never read this, i may get in trouble, oh well, to each their own right?)

But i promise i'll try my best to finish all homework Saturday so i can film/post/work on beauty blog on Sunday.

Until then bloggeroons

have a FANTASTIC Friday tomorrow! (unless it's already tomorrow, hmm)

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