What awaits

It seems as if summer has just begun a sprinting race and will not quit until it has won. By this we can only conclude that the blistering season will continue for months to come. Wait Vicky, how does that analogy make any sense? Well you see, the sprinting of summer does bring on much fretted occasions like the fast approaching first day of school, but unfortunately, even as we jump right into fall, us Floridians still sport summer clothing. The weather by the southern part of this patriotic land will always and forever be relatively hot. Let us now approach the other topic at hand; school – an infinite time span spent under pressure and consisting of symptoms such as rapturous laughter, the urge to sleep in class, hair pulling and many more. It is a time which many do not welcome but are forced, by law (or that urging need to be by their friends) to attend. For the procrastinators like me (and I’m sure loads of kids out there) school’s just not the best option. I mean yes, you finally have something to do, your finally surrounded by humans that UNDERSTAND you, and some classes (dare I say it?) are actually really good! It’s just that dreaded paper/essay that you left for last minute, those 6 tests you have all in one day, those are things I fear. Oh, and did I mention, COLLEGE! The one thing I envy of others is their guaranteed plans and confidence in their future. Sadly, their arrogance leaves me to envy them just a bit less. Even so, they have a solid idea of where they're heading. Ask me what the hell I want to do, and I’ll just reply vaguely or pretend I did not hear you; And even if I did have some unreachable notion of what I actually envisioned myself doing, perhaps in numerous daydreams., the chances of getting there aren’t even slim, they’re none. And so, while everyone is spending hours filling paper work, studying for that test, visiting campuses etc, I’ll be procrastinating. See you there bloggeroons! 

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