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Bonjour Bloggeroons, 

Ever curious as to what I bring on the first day of school...?
Well, i have filmed a video of me talking about that sort of thing and giving you my tips and tricks but have yet to go through the torturous editing/uploading struggle. And so, while that's in progress, i thought it would be nice to allow you  the opportunity to visually see what I'm bringing with me as well as read the reasons as to why and maybe take some useful tips with you! :D
Expect many more back to school videos,blog posts ( maybe even on my new beauty blog, if it ever gets made lol!) 
ps: speaking of blogs, i have privated beyond normalcy, hopefully, in the near future, I'll open up both PolishPeonies and beyond normalcy but right now, my schedule is FULL! but we'll get there...

Let us begin!

I started this post at 10:10am...it is now 10:50
Blogger does NOT enjoy HD pictures.....

Right, so it is now 11:01 am and i finally got the pictures up!! How you may ask..PICASA! muahahahaha
so we may now, once again fellow bloggeroons, begin this tour of epic proportions. 
Here is my backpack, very cute and chic in my opinion, and the best part, its immensely spacious and has tons of pockets, fingers crossed i manage to stay organized! You can buy it here:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/christystudio
Here's a quick peek at its inner contents
Agenda to your left, the picture you see below are actually the items to your right and the bottom there houses a binder, pencil pouch, "makeup/essentials" pouches and a ruler. (O and there's a calculator being squashed by the binder xD

Alright, so color pencils!! I personally despise crayons ( they always brake and deliver patchy textures) and so , since my wee years, I've purchased and repurchased le crayon de colour (awful foreign grammar? probably) Now, you may be asking yourself : "coloring in highschool?! hahahaha" Well, think again, because if at any point you decide to have a math and/or a science course, you will need these! Whether it is to color in the digestive system or some graph  you will use them, ( Maybe you don't care much for class and decided to doodle away... i don't know but colorful doodles are funner than plain ole gray ones.)
Now, wooden pencils, i myself am an avid PEN user and when graphite becomes necessary ( like in math) i go for the mechanical pencils, but those first few weeks of school and throughout the year, a lot of testing will occur and might as well  be safe than sorry. If you decide to use your lead pencil and the scan-tron machine goes wacko, your screwed. So just be prepared, lol.
And OF COURSE, a sharpener! How are you going to sharpen the contents of this pocket otherwise?! (plus, its pink and glittery :)

 Oh my, the one item forgotten by many! If your like me and have constant workloads and the memory of a goldfish, agendas are a MUST! Some schools are nice enough to provide you with one, but here, on this side of the country, we gots to buy our own o'kay?! ( to be said sort of like a country person..type thing)
And so here it is, write down important dates like when that next research paper is due...who am i kidding, write the premiere day for VAMPIRE DIARIES SEASON 4! Besides the calendar pages, they also have weekly sheets where you can go ahead and write down ALL the assignments you receive (idk but there's something satisfying about highlighting/scratching things off a list, i feel like if i make a list of all that crap load of homework, I'm more motivated to do it just for that moment when you get to smear highlighter all over it!) And if it doesn't fit in the space provided because you have that teacher with 2 pages of instructions on how EXACTLY the paper needs to be done, continue writing it on a.....POST-IT!

These come EXTREMELY handy! Finish writing your homework, stick it on worksheets and write the due dates on them, rip them and use them as little "marks/tabs" Stick them on your/your friends foreheads and play a game of "what/who am i?' Plus, they're fluorescent, anything to brighten up a dull school day.

 Ze pouches eh?!
These are the little baggies i keep stored in my bag the tiny one carries qtips,bobby pins, tiny band aids, perfume sample, hair elastics, and a lip balm. You will be surprised how often these items are used and ask for.Not only for your own personal use but for others as well, makeup mishaps, boo boos, hair dilemmas etc..
The second baggie stores feminine items ( just in case mother nature decides to drop a bomb on you in the middle of a WWII presentation) A tiny gloss

and cheap mascara in case i happened to sleep in and had no beautification time, Kleenex (for boogies and spills), cheap cardboard nail file (broken nails are the most annoying thing EVER!) broken eyebrow brush to keep my wildness in check and of course, a mirror. (Application, hair check, spying on that person behind you..)

Now we come to my trusty pencil pouch that has lived through all of my high school years and continues to store all of my writing utensils. I've got white out, highlighters,pens,a scissor (from kindergarten),glue stick, eraser,lead,flash drive etc) It stores all my necessities and keeps them organized. I would suggest to not only bring your favorite pens/pencils but also carry a few cheap ones. Reason being, 9 out of 10 times, if you lend a pencil/pen to someone, you will never Ever (getting back together! sorry, Taylor swift..:) anyways, you'll never get it back. Might as well lose something worthless than your holy grail ink joy! Scissors and

glue..really Vicky?! You'll have projects...other people will have projects. And last minute "in-class" gluing is quite often seen, so just, come prepared! Now the flash drive is a LIFESAVER! You can ask your teachers to transfer their lectures onto there ( like PowerPoint's), store your class video project, save ALL homework done on the computer on there just in case. God forbid you leave your paper and you fail! No bueno.

Me + Math = FAILURE
To prevent me from writing something like 2+2/8 * 1000^2= 57...this is a must. I'm horrid at mathematics and if a little machine can facilitate the work, then i want it! I've had this guy since my freshman year,, its still going strong!
TIP: If your taking a really important test, take an extra calculator just in case one suffers from heart failure.
My binder!! I made this collage 2 days ago ( took around 2 -3 hours!) but so worth it,
LOOK how pretty :D Depending on who you are, your decorations may vary (plain,calendar,drawing,schedule..etc) I personally LOVE making collages. And then the boring inside..just paper. Eventually, this may contain dividers and tons of papers will be shoved in the pockets but as of now...it is empty. (Except for the paper..duh..college ruled! )

And that's just a photo of everything together! Hope you enjoyed the post and gained some knowledge...mhm.

It is now 11:54..picture posts always take the longest, but you guys are worth it!
Be back soon with updates and hopefully a link to my new beauty blog ( if ever finally make it! )

EEW i have a dentist appointment today..

Alright, au revoir bloggeroons!

pss: after posting this i realized there were a TON of mistakes! So i've gone back and fixed them. Phew 12:24
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