Where have you BEEN?!

It is time, my dear friends, for the much awaited ( or so i tell myself ) picture post, in which i'll give you a sneak peak into what went on during those long 17 days, and then of course, there shall be a lengthy paragraph at the end, giving you some insight on a few things that occurred in the days after, so let us begin!!

July 8, 2012
         The first picture was taken earlier that day when i had arrived at my cousin's house, it was probably the funnest of all the other days. We were being silly, joking around etc...Hence the picture of her eating my head! The other image (taken that night ) depicted what i spent most of my time doing for the rest of the 16 days lol! I became completely obsessed with cut the rope, it is strangely addicting.

 July 9, 2012 
This was the day i met Stephanie ( A.K.A. Francesca) She has ice blond hair, an Argentinian accent and a strange love towards coffee shakes. She thought i was rather weird and most forced conversation was rather awkward, however, i must thank her for introducing me to the Mocha Cookie Crumble. Although i ordered a grande and was only able to ingest half, it was delicious!! This was also the day my dear cousin obsessed over a pair of Sperry's, an obsession that lasted all of three days, which was then replaced with an obsession about a stain on a shirt and soon evolved into an obsession with her new phone. We've talked it through and jokingly agreed, she muts have some sort of OCD. 

 July 10, 2012
 My dear cousin (Cynthia), has a sense of "Exploration" for if given the chance of any dort of freedom, she jumps right onto the bandwagon. So you can only imagine how many car trips we were on. One of the many led us to her great grandmothers home, i sneakily shot a picture of her as she intently watched "Caso Serrado" It was actually a really dramatic and entertaining episode, something about a woman wanting to get pregnant, and her husband cheated on her..mhm! Oh, the Mexicans..oops, no discrimination towards anyone, promise!

July 11, 2012
 Yet another photo taken without anyone's knowledge. Today was the day i met Alex, Cynthia's boyfriend! I a m very happy no sort of PDA occurred in front of me. (public displays of affection; at least not the gross slobbery kind!) He is tall, lanky and very sweet! There they are playing...can you guess...here's a hint " when all else fails, Cut the Rope" lol did you get it? Now there's a lot of drama and back stories that go with these two, but it's not my place to be posting these things publicly on the internet so...we'll just skip out on that!

July 12, 2012
Well, not really, we went to the mall  a great many times before and after this day but...it was a shopping day nonetheless. We purchased polo shirts at gap kids for the cousin, i bought a few goodies at Sephora (soon to be reviewed on a new blog i am planning.....and i didn't forget about my magical other worldly family blog either...i've just been eh lately...hence this post being up so late :c ) Later that night, around 8:30-9 pm, we took a trip to Walmart. I had not been to the newly remodeled shopping center and was quite surprised to find it was also a food store!

 July 14, 2012
I don't remember this day at all, but apparently i thought it a great idea to take a photo near some plastic orchids. Oh, and the day before, guess what we watched..PERCEPTION. ( i think, i don't remember) Point is, if you haven't already you NEED to watch that show, There are only around four episodes out now but its just such a good show!

 Oh, apparently these two pictures were also taken on the 14rth, which means, i don kind of know what happened that day. We had gone to the neighbors birthday party the day before and had some triple chocolate cake, which for someone who's not the biggest fan, was actually really yummy. It did provoke some very upset stomach's the upcoming day but, its fine! Then the 14rth, we were gived some red velvet from the birthday as well ( also scrumptious). Later that day i sat and blogged on my cousin's i-pad.
 And so it begins....
Apparently, July 14th was a longer day than i had imagined..for that same afternoon, we drove off to Sunny isles, next to me sat my soon to be bed mates Karla ( the one with the tongue) and Mylena [ mee-leh-nuh] (with the shades) We formed quite a bond while on the trip and were also reprimanded almost daily, that's a whole other topic i refuse to get into. The bed situation was awful, especially when half way through the week, i was transferred to the middle. I slept like a corpse for the next 3 days, awful!!
July 17,2012
After we were all worn out by intense waves and excess chlorine, Cynthia's gang would reside in the balcony to avoid catching a cold and just because they were all wet!! I refused to sit out and abide my there teenage rules, instead, out little trio rebelled! ( our individuality is what got us in trouble most of the time) while they sat outside or explored the lobby, we would sit in the hallway to watch dance academy and eat peanut  butter m&m's, but non conformist's get in trouble. And so, the last two days, with Mylena gone, i sat outside with the gang. And in all honesty, they were really sweet and awesome people! Hahaha but i must say Allan was my favorite, plus, he labeled me as a hipster, which was a very silly observation.  Oh and all the balcony's were attached, all you had to do was swing a leg and you were in the neighbor's balcony. This situation came very handy as all the items we hung to dry flew unto their properties.

July 18, 2012
 i decided it was about time to snap a shot of the actual waters and so i took my phone down with me that day. The same day we discovered piercing guy and i looked like a psychotic cocoon ( for those who don't know, i do enjoy pools and such but it gets to the point that i'm like ugh! It's just not my first or even 5th for that matter, choice of entertainment. So i sat by the edge of the pool, completely enveloped in a yellow towel, hence, psychotic cocoon. And guess what, i was sitting right behind piercing guy, and i didn't even know it!! Piercing guy was a  very attractive teen who had an eyebrow piercing and whom Mylena and I admired from afar and pretended he was European. Which wouldn't be so far off considering their were tons of foreigners here ( from Italy to Brazil!)
The pool was quite  nice and i enjoyed swimming and cannonball - ing at the deeper end. Unfortunately, the pull was closed for the course of 24 hours because a person decided i twas okay to deposit fecal matter into the pool. (As quoted my a little kid who scram and pointed "someone shit in the pool!" ) Once the vast space of chlorinated water was filled with unhealthy amounts of, well, chlorine, i resided at the shallow end. Because i had, by then, conformed. It was not the funnest end, since all you did was sit, talk, and become prunish, but hey!
The Second picture was of the crystalline sea, full of much yucky critters who eventually stung my cousin's boyfriend, so, beware! But i refused to look down and actually had a blast diving into waves! Ofcourse, after 3 hours of that, i needed out. I don't understand how people can spend 12 full hours inside a pool, beach, and bathing in sunlight. It was sweltering and exhausting! I'm now all peely thanks to the damn sun! Oh, i must also include that our beach diet was the epitome of junk food mania and i never want to be near a krispy creme donut, thank you!

July 19, 2012
I believe this was near the last days of the whole "Sunny Isles " experience, and so i decided to snap a picture of our living conditions. Karla was seen by our clothing drawer (our because we shared one, one which we kept a mess and eventually broke, oops ) Stephanie (Francesca) sat by the table, and botth Allan and Juliana inhabited the bed. Mmhm..sooo interesting. lol The roses on the table were a month-aversary ( i don't get those, aren't anniversary's what people usually celebrate?) gift to Cynthia from Alex. An dthen of course, what is a hotel room without an out-of-place air mattress?
The picture below is of tired burned me and karla, being all smiley!
July 21, 2012
My cousin and I purchased ( and/or replaced) her new phone today and then went, once again, to Sephora! I officially despise all the workers there, they are ignorant, and just plain bad, ugh. We arrived at the end of a store event but did score some samples and i impulse bought a blush/bronzer duo, i seriously need to stop doing that.
July 23, 2012
A picture of these yummy ( at least the red ones ) jelly-belly beans that were inside of a porcelain hello kitty. I ate every single one (except for the yucky ones of course)
July 23,2012
Also the say i was stranded, and abandoned. The day, i was approached by strangers, left a terrible tip, was surrounded by smokers, and witnessed teenage drama in the back of a car, The day i could have died and been raped, just ask my friends, they'll tell you of all the horrors of this awful night.
July 24, 2012
The day i thought i was hot enough to pull off a crop top.
Turns out..i wasn't
So i quickly changed into a long black tee right after!
How all my mornings ere spent, sitting atop a chair for a few hours until the rest of the household awoke and made me breakfast! Yum :D

July 26, 2012
The day i return home!!
That morning Karla came early because my Aunt was going to drive her to an appointment. We spent the morning listening to Linkin Park and pretending Cynthia's pillows were GIANT Nerds!! Then once we spent hours waiting at the airport, i finally got home!! It felt so nice to return to my humble abode. I couldn't stop hugging and kissing my guardians, and the moment i opened the door, i quickly ripped open my order. (which had been waiting for me patiently for 17 whole days!!!) A beautiful and mystic purchase which i can't share with you just yet, but it did come in this beautiful cloth bag. Can you guess what it is?

And so all this rambling brings us to today. August 1st. I had been meaning to blog and film like a crazy person the moment i got back but found that I am still the best procrastinator i know. Things have quickly gone back to the way they used to be, similar routines. Except my grandma keeps begging me to read my "summer reading" ( at least  i saw the movies!) and i've been going to the gym with my dad every single night. I tried my first Zumba class, and ultimately failed. I was only able to complete two whole songs and cried when i got home. I hate losing!! I've been working out my arms, abs, running and have my first yoga class today. My eating habits are still pretty awful, but who cares right? Were only young once! ( Unless you believe in reincarnation or your a vampire stuck in a young age forever...)
Oh, and i went to the eey doctor yesterday BTW! ..yup..

I've been meaning to do a few things.
1. Film a monthly favorites and a makeup tutorial
2. Private "polish peonies"
3. Create a beauty Blog for reviews and hauls
4.Create a whimsical family blog (i neeed the link again huby, i dont think i followed you :( )
5.Do summer reading

Alright, well! That is all for now. I fyou've made it this ar and actually read through it all, i'd like you to please comment something silly below!

Goodbye :D


  1. Ooh I love this post. I need to do something like this as well. I need to plan my blog better. As of now you are officially Blog Queen! I really wish we could have been there with you!! Lol. Ooh the url is lifewithsupernaturalrelatives.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you Hubert! :D

    1. You're welcome Vicky! Hey, you are hot enough to pull off that crop top, you looked fine. I don't know why you thought it would be wise to change.

  3. i am not, and if so it is but one person's opinion. I thought it looked fine as well, at first ; hence me wearing it. But there wer epeople over, and every time i say..just..blech. And so, i changed.
    and thank you for the "blog queen" title!you and annabel shall one day become part of the THE BLOG ROYALE KINGDOM....