Books,Laughs, and a whole lotta ME!

Hey there fellow bloggeroons!
Being as today has not been the best of days, i haven't been able to film and am in no mood for pictures, i've decided to blog!
Something i wasn't going to do until i heard as little "knock knock" where a man with a box made my day a little brighter...MY BOOKS ARRIVED!! ( 3 are school related and one is for my own entertainment, here they are)

 Although it's a school book, not only is the bok aesthetically beautiful, it actually sounds really interesting! :D
 HMM....looks boring, but i believe Lena Duchannes/Ethan mentioned this book at some point, so it must be good..right?
 The most exciting one!!! woooo

and the now empty box ( and the limp plastic bags which i took the liberty of popping)

In order to elevate my mood even further and give you a teeny glimpse into my life, here are some silly pictures of myself!

 That's ChortKace (shortcake) and i
 My nemo impersonation
 The face i make while reading "Confederacy of Dunces"
 The face i make while reading "Beautiful Creatures"
 My scared SAT face!
My look of anger towards the sugar content in the little bites
ya'll wanna see ma grill?

Lol, ah, i do feel better now. Videos up next week, maybe even tomorrow?? We'll see how everything turns out. Love you all!

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  1. I have seen the personal book you bought so many times! It looks good. Awww piggy!!!