Breaking Dawn Part 2

I have just arrived to my humble abode after stuffing my face with sour gummy worms ( which i failed to open during the film for it made too much noise) and seeing the final rendition of the twilight saga. Now, i must warn you, if you don't want to spoil the film for yourself,i hope that you will stop reading. My blog won't go anywhere. Go watch the film, and then feel free to come back and maybe even share your thoughts! Alright, now that that has been cleared, let us begin...

1. Yes, i have already been disappointed with the majority of the twilight films. Twilight was the worse movie i had ever seen. My twihard being couldn't take it! "Edward doesn't look like that! That didn't happen! etc etc" Thankfully however, although still horrid, the movies improved and although the preteen me was no longer there, some glimmer was left behind. And i still yearned to see Bella and Edward's love develop. The film prior to this one blew me away! The effects and script were wonderful and on par with the book.Although some things were still a little eh i was happy! Then the second part was released....

2. I had many shrieking girls comment the following words "I cried..... Carlisle...twist...." What did those comments lead me to believe? Carlisle is going to die! It was the only obvious explanation. So i went into the film expecting him to die. Now the film could have had much more content. The story could have bloomed and developed beautifully. Although there was no longer this odd blue hue over the entire film ( like in the first one) around 6 minutes were wasted  in text/credits etc.. The movie was rushed and none of the characters were developed. Furthermore, there were no flashbacks! How do the writers expect fellow fans who have not read the novels to truly comprehend what is going through their minds? So the film captures the raw basics of the last book and puts it into a movie! I must admit, a lot of the scenes ere hysterical and the main volturi guy ( no, no i do not remember his name, aros, eros? idk?! ) is such a pedophile! Ah, he's so funny! The added humor was much appreciated. Besides that though it was just eh! They incorporated a scene which i suppose should have captured the audience...

3. Yet, all i could think was " These fools!" When Carlisle was decapitated, it didn't shock me one bit! And dear Patty had uttered the following words on Friday "Thank god he was okay though" so what did i think, oh no biggie. When jasper was decapitated, i laughed. "Oh boy, the writers are really pushing it" All i kept thinking was, 'why are these people gasping, if the'd read the books at all, they would no it's all fake!' And truth be told, it was all in Alice's head. The main reason i must say that i didn't enjoy the film though, is that there were no surprises and it failed to en-capture what one felt while reading it.

4. On to lovelier things , i am giving this 3 out of 5 stars solely because their makeup and hair were so good!Yes, you could tell they wore eye-shadow and false lashes, but their skin was immaculate A truly flawless yet natural complexion. I was in awe! And that hair, bam VOLUME  it was great! Plus, the very last scene as they sat in the meadow warmed my heart. Besides those two things however, i was left dumbfounded (considering it is the last film) and thought it to be much too hyped up.

As i exited the theater i heard a girl say "Now what, i have nothing to live for!"
Clearly, she's never seen The Vampire Diaries!

I shall bid you farewell for i must memorize my lines for tomorrow, goodbye!

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