Le Monday

Oh, and so it begins. AGAIN!
We have been asked to sit in front of a computer screen and work on yet another research paper. One which we should NOT be doing. We have just started the grading period and turned one in, why another?!! WTF school
Ugh I’m so frustrated and that damn anaconda keeps giving me nightmares.
Teacher just took a stroll around us in order to make sure we weren’t doing anything I was forced to take a respite.

Anyways, so yea
is there a purpose to this you may ask?

The answer to that is NO!!!!

NO there is no purpose to any of this. The answer is as follows:

I'm tired and cranky
let me take them to eat crap and give them busy work so i can rest

yupp that is what goes through their minds! I am as sure as i was about DELENA

oh boy!! Fingers crossed the rest of the day proceeds as planned and things can get done

i think i'm going to go make a collage on polyvore..goodbye!!

And go check out the kid sitting next to me!

( hey huby!!)

ta ta

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