it seems i always come by random pieces of paper fit for the trash  with words scribbled on them. I figured if i typed the words, then the papers may then be tossed for they would now have a place.

From inside my drama folder:

"Sense makes not to those who ponder"

A folded piece of paper found crumbled in my book-bag:

"It wasn't that i was unaware of its presence, it was but the thought that frightened my being"

skipped a few lines

"As the flames consumed the letters, each word crumbled in my hands, searing the tips of my fingers. Each phrase branded into my skin. 'Darling', turned to ash, but i will forever remember"

Ah, i think back and wonder where such words came from, when i wrote them and why? hmm i don't know. But i quite like them :)