What being a writer truly means

Earlier today, as I sat and scrolled through my blogger subscriptions, I came upon one by Annabel and it got me thinking. It’s outstanding how one sees things a certain way and expect all to see it that way as well. It always surprises me when someone’s opinion differs from mine. But it just goes to show, we all have our own perceptions, of, well, EVERYTHING!
She spoke of what being a writer means to her as well as to yet another fellow blogger, Hubert. I've actually spoken to Hubert a little bit more on the subject, and we are on the same page. I have to disagree with what Annabel said. In my eyes, ANYONE can write a book if they please. How many movie stars haven’t done so already?! But that doesn't necessarily label you as a writer. A true writer is someone who NEEDS to write, someone who can convey emotion through words, and love every minute of it. A person who can’t imagine a life without writing, it’d be like a world without music. It isn't only an art but an outlet, a means of expression and release. If a writer doesn't write, they might burst at the seams!
That’s what writing means to me.

Let me know what you think in the comments

PS: I count the words!



  1. I see your point. I do feel the same way. But most people say they are writers, yet no one has seen their work--not even friends or family. How can a writer be a writer without wanting to show their work/art?

    1. That's also very true. I guess it's a combination of all of it! :)