My first week of 2013

               I now must think twice abut writing the year because it feels like I’m still stuck in 2012. Hand, it’s  not a 2, it’s a 3! 2-0-1-3 good.
               So I shall re-cap my week to you all
Monday: The school’s population is battered yet giddy, classes are boring yet simple, and the day drags on like any other
Tuesday - Thursday: Same as Monday minus the giddiness which has by now just been replaced with sleep deprivation, a steady flow of annoying homework, droning teachers, oh, and no time! Those three days I stayed in school up until 8pm!! It was insane, and Thursday, I cried. (No comment) But, besides stress, it was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to perform again. Being on stage is such a thrilling and satisfying experience, especially when the audience shows a response. (Stephs alaska filmed a video that thursday night of the showcase click here)
Friday: Hallelujah! The one day where EVERYTHING can go wrong but it doesn’t matter because you don’t have to go to school the following day. Again, much like any other. I was assigned math homework, began the viewing of a horrid war film and read in class. (BTW: Hubert, did we get homework? Do we have to do a funlist :/ I haven’t done one in ages, please let me know!) Sorry, I was spaced on Friday and really don’t think I wrote much down.
                And this brings us to the idiot boys of the modern era. (This excludes my friend Hubert, he’s my homie gee skiller biscuit!) I knew the kid liked me, body language is easy to detect but I always just ignore things. And i pushed him away, had minimal 4 word conversations, refrained from hugging, and even answered back in ugly, funny, AND IN A VERY platonic manner. Yet he asked me out, again! No kid!! Much like the witty Victoria and Jade “Take a Hint, Take a Hint!” I told his friend afterschool to please speak with him and let him know to back off. (It’s like that time I had a stalker, blech!) And he texted me ugh, I turned off my phone. Please leave me alone. (he doesn’t read my blog) And the worst part, we share a class. Crap. I’m really bitchy when it comes to things like this and if I say something, he’s going to feel like shit (excuse my angry language), but it’s just very irritating!  Can I just say I’m asexual?! I reproduce like a sponge and like no one! (Except hot actors and European men of course, I repeat MEN) sigh (my anxiety can’t take things like this). What evs, boys are stupid. (Except hooberdoober, but he’s a wizard!)
Saturday: a day of filming, editing (which always fails me) and yummy food! I remained indoors, read some beautiful darkness, and did nothing relating to school! I’ll just do it tomorrow. Alright, have a beautiful day! (Or night)

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