Random Writings

Art, today, proved to be a time to do nothing. After i tired of all means of entertainment ( this being anything you can do with a sheet of paper,a color pencil and tape) and a failed attempt at conversation, i turned to writing. I for one, hate writing in "public" spaces  People always want to peek or read what your writing. ( since i write in a rather odd manner, head flat on the desk etc.., i was interrupted and asked. I ripped the page and shoved it in my bag. yup. Why? i don't know! No one will really get it anyways, my brain just goes places and i try to write it out.

And so i'll add to my "scraps" and "jumbled thoughts" posst with this. I'll try to imitate how it's written on the paper.


Chaos, she finds jumbled in

she's Dug 

when will it ever feel real?
Is it just then our thoughts?
A figment of imagination.
An image
A mistake

She sat at the edge of 
She cringed in darkness for light
where light was thin
and pain, hurt was felt
but unseen

How can anyone understand. How can one grasp ther

(The following phrase was written upside down. I became frustrated with all the words and dashes so i flipped it over) 

It isn't how others say it is. 

(Back of Page) 

They all play their roles. They dance to the choreography and say the right lines. 

)A petal doodle)

and then i was interrupted. haha good too because i made no sense. 
So yup!!
Share any of your random writings below :)