Chilled Month

The temperature has finally dropped, and has me completely un-prepared! Although I much prefer March chills to the scorching pastiness of Florida’s regular weather, we Floridians were just not build to withstand the cold. (Or maybe just not my wardrobe)

So I have failed to blog and film this past week, but it is at times alright to not have things on schedule. My anxiety and OCD would argue against me BUT, routine isn't always ideal. Although troublesome, it was somewhat thrilling to awaken in a rush and told to hop in the shower for there was a wedding that needed attending in a few hours! It was nice to do absolutely NOTHING on a Sunday and just relax. (Which didn’t really happen considering I struggled mindlessly through math that has yet to be done and just worried), but that’s beside the point.

The moral here is that things don’t always go the way you planned, and sometimes, that’s okay. I cannot promise then that I’ll have routinely posts or videos, but just know that they will arrive. If you have any requests whatsoever for either channels or blogs please leave them below, remember to follow me on tumblr, and that I love you all!
So let’s enjoy the cold and be a bit careless and I hope your week is filled with splendor.

(A few images compiled over the last few months for mere entertainment before I head into this pile of schoolwork, thanks teachers!) 

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