Yes, it's one of THOSE posts
you know, the rambly ones?!

sigh so 18 tomorrow
doesn't really feel any different
DAMN you society for telling me when to grow up,
i stick my tongue out at you!

Also, school is doing one of these

see that line?? up there? yea it's called DRAAAAAG
Damn you school
i too stick my tongue out at you

I feel like im being taken away from my fellow duckies and dumped in a weird pond filled with geese!

(gooses sounds a lot better, get on that Webster's dictionary)

ahhh teen years are soo...frustrating! Thankfully, we have aquired the inter-webs...which of course i blame for a great many things. But i love you too much and so i will not sick my tongue out at you..i promise.

okay, i shall go, i really want to start reading "why we broke up"

too doo looo

i will leave you with a parting gift

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