An announcement

I have spent almost the entire day trying to figure out templates, banners etc. I'm not the best at all these tech- y things but i have finally managed to re-design my blog. I've chosen to change it's name to FrailRouge (my YouTube name) and have also deleted my vlog channel.

Yes a lot of changes!

Does this mean i'll stop making random videos?

Will this be the end of all poetry?

Of-course not!!

It's a lot easier for me to keep things on one platform and it's also simpler for viewers and readers alike to find me with the same name. I've just merged everything. And so my YouTube will now not only contain beauty/fashion videos, but everything else in-between from tea talks to random dancing. The same goes for  FrailRouge (daydreamerswhimsy) I will not limit my creativity, but rather expand it and just facilitate both my work and your experience. The blog will contain a day in the life posts,photos,poems,makeup reviews,fashion etc etc

It may not be what many will like, but it's what i want.

So look out for a lot more makeup-y things to come.

I'll see you guys soon!!

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