I found it!

My boredom finally broke, and as i sighed, i dragged my ass towards my computer to take that damn college survey.

how does this compare to other schools?
how important were your friends/parents opinion?

blah blah

and i get to the financial aid portion.

"Great" i think to myself
this now requires i actually stand and search for the frackin' financial aid papers.

 As i rummaged, i found my poem pad! A little notepad we received free in the mail that's embellished with little sea critters which i dedicated to poetry. I tried to write in it religiously just so i always had some source of inspiration. I haven't written in ages partly due to the pad's disappearance.

I chose this opportunity to step back from the survey (and the papers i still can't find) and write to you what was already marked on the page last used.

(Because the perfectionist in me couldn't bare the rough edits, I've taken the artistic liberty of using the bits of poem as inspiration and writing up a new one.)

you blushed 
a rosy glow
all your own
  across your 
it shone
a flame
that could not 
for that flush
that radiance
was everlasting 


well, whilst i wrote the post, thought up the poem, wrote, and re-wrote it, i've eaten strawberry yogurt and sweet potatoes. Yup. I cannot stop eating! That's what summer has done to me, boredom and incessant ingestion. I should probably return to the survey. Have a blessed evening everyone! toodooloo!

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