Hello blog

i have just completed my reading of a book which was required as a sort of summer reading and it wasn't as horrid as i thought it would be. Plus, i recognized words like raison detre and that just made me happy :)

I've also had the pleasure of getting to know my future roommates a tad bit but it has become bittersweet. I am surprised by their lovely personalities and am excited to meet them but am also greatly missing my friends from home. Those who i have near me but won't be able to see later on as frequently as i did back in highschool. I'm giddy and nervous to meet others and find a home away from home, but will always miss this place and my family. Sigh, i guess this goes for any new endeavor in life. Fear,longing,excitement and determination.

I'm still sitting at home munching on chocolate chip cookies

but in two weeks

i'll be writing a new page

that will one day be a finished chapter

until then though, i will try to gather as much as NOW as i can possibly get before things change

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