College..thus far

Hello everyone!!!!

i've been wanting to film/blog since i got here but just didn't feel comfortable enough to do so and didn't really have the time. Luckily enough, i had some down time today and spent it doing groceries (aka: poptarts and nutella) and even took a nap which was a nice step back from all the constant meetings/gatherings.

For those of you who are my friends ( which is all of you because you guys are the only ones that read my blog!!) i can't text you!! please please please email me at vlarroque0595@gmail.com because the signal here is seriously non existent.

i will be taking a YouTube break, i believe the last video scheduled to go up will be on the 23rd and i will not upload until late October. So please bare with me but just know i do check my youtube/blog/e-mail every single day constantly so i will ALWAYS get back to you.

So now, lets get a round-down on college life thus far

It was a very traumatizing experience, separating from my parents and realizing that i had to live with strangers for an extended amount of time. I became homesick, cried and just really became nostalgic.

The days were awkward,boring,exaughsting and endless, but slowly things improved.

You start becoming used to living on campus and seeing the  same faces everyday. I stay all day in my dorm anyway so hopefully things get even better!

Oh and i miss food

the next few days will be spent attending short classes and speaking with an adviser so that i can sign up for courses.

Classes which i may not even be able to attend, and be forced to change, due to student limits..bah!

i'm soooo scared about starting school

and not having my parents around to help and provide a shoulder to lean on


well, i hope you all have a lovely experience at school and please make sure to email me!


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