Midnight Thoughts

it is midnight ' 07

take it as a raw post

please do not judge any grammar

where to begin, well, why begin when we can just start

                                start from here: I didn't ever think there was a second choice. you went to school for your whole life, then you had a job for the other half and some way along that path you had babies and died and grew old in a happy home.

But everything has boiled down to nothing, and now the pan is empty and i need more water

You are the only one who gets to decide what happens, life is just the one that gently guides or shoves you along, sometimes, it just wont let you go, but you choose the struggle, life just lends the extra duck tape.

no one fits into a cookie shape because we're human. We have shape and ideas bigger than life and cookie molds are much too crammed. If you want to write and sing and dance, dont go and study to be a musician or performer, because perhaps you don't want that, get rid of the tray and eat the raw batter.

i guess what i 'm trying to say is

i feel as if i'm wasting my time. "LIFE" had figured it all out for me, you i would go to college and get a degree, then figure out something from there. but i thought, well, at least i'll have more opportunity with a degree. And although that may be true, i have to ask, is it right to spend four years getting a degree in something you   i don't want to do.

I'll say this again and again but i want to publish my poetry,YouTube, dance, act in film, and model. Why am i not doing that. What will it matter to start now than in 4 years. the only difference will be that extra crinkle and a whole lot of regret.

now the questions are

what do i do?

where do i start?

it's midnight ' 22

and i need to finish drinking my false CVS tea because i have the flu, as if the signs weren't clearer,


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