the more i'm pushed out of my comfort zone, the more i realize i want to go back. See, when you're surprised by something you thought you'd hate but really enjoy, it is not a new  part of your comfort zone, it was already there. You finally jumped on that roller-coaster and had an epiphany. But then there are things like nature or butterfingers. No matter how much i'm exposed to it and take a bite, it gets spit right out. Being forced to wriggle around barefoot in the grass midday near wasps will never be pleasant. I've never enjoyed insects or the idea of being barefoot, and ive stepped out, really out, and did it (without choice) and despised it.
Your comfort zone is there for a purpose and is forever expanding for it grows with discovery not chances to 'step outside the circle'. you uncover a new item beneath a blanket that was already there, not jump headfirst into running waters and die because you know you cant swim. Much like you shouldn't try to be something that you aren't, you shouldn't be forced to partake n things you don't enjoy

it was a horrible day
and a horrible class (yes, it was a class that exposed me to parasites)

funny how i had a positivity post planned...

then it didn't happen

because sometimes days just hit you in the ass and get you back for silently judging that chicks receding hairline yesterday

damn you nature

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