i don't know how, but sometimes, scenes like this happen inside my head

He looked down at his hands, afraid to lift his head and look at me. My broken body, soul darkened. I stared at the veins which slowly protruded from his hands and he crouched forward grabbing at his hair as if he could strangle the pain that way. I fell on the dingy wood on my bare legs, knees scraping the floor hands entangled on my body, holding myself together and bursting forth. A grunt from deep within his chest emerged and he pounded the ground in front of me and looked up, fists now palms. He crawled forward and lifted my face to his. I stared at his thin nose and pale freckles, then down at his hips. Where scars drew beautiful images. All marks of strength. I loved him. He drowned my sobs with his tongue and we stayed that way, wrecks on the ground. In each other’s arms.  

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