letting go

for once, today, i experienced true happiness. It was the moment i stopped caring, stopped thinking, and for a few moments, everything was perfect.

We participated in a dance class today where we tested our limits and let go. Let go of everything, closed our eyes, and just paid attention to movement

changing of body weight, the way your body responds

how swinging your arm could move your entire body forward.

I never understood the 'if your down, just get up and jump' or 'dance around'
but when told to just 'feel' and become'attentive' everything else vanishes

its just you, your limbs, skin,bones,muscles, joints

the air that bounces off your palms and your swooping head

buckling knees and curved spine


and although the endorphins are now gone, it was meditation in movement

elation and freedom

we all looked like silly billies

or swaying branches

but it felt great

and reminded me of my poem 'falling' and not letting go. but i never realized that the fall didn't have to hurt

if you lose control and let your body find its way down, your hands will catch your fall

and you'll feel free

and safe

so next time you hold on too tight or think too much

just shut your eyes

get up

and listen to your body

feel the air touch your fingertips

and just spin and prance and fall and let your body go places its never been

let go

just this once

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