First of the New Year's ramble

I have been reliving December 26th for the past week. You can imagine my surprise when I woke up to rustling and preparation this morning. Jeez Louis, I feel  like a time traveler!
People always say things like “it went by so fast” or “2014 will be a better year”
I honestly did not even see it coming. Similar to my deep held belief that College is just an extended summer camp, I just accepted that life will remain in 2013 for the rest of forever.
It was a total mind-fu** if you ask me. So many things, yet nothing at all. Didn’t the world end last year?
Maybe it’s just because I’m indifferent to the number three, I much prefer five. Let us skip 2014 and go to 2015, oh yes, much better.
How futuristic does that look?? “2015” I think of hover cars and hot ice-cream to eat in the cold. Or just willy wonka, but, he’s an alien so..
I cannot seem to remember anything apart from graduating and passing my first semester of college. All the hard-work in-between just sort of went POOF
what, I struggled with math, when?
Sigh, just sums up my life. It’s all an extremely large..

no not ice-cream cone

a large “HUH?”

Can you tell I continue to picture ice-cream? Why is that?
2014, the year of the ice-cream cone, new and re-invented...
maybe my subconscious is asking for sugar
okay, well, I may or may not POST SOMETHING ELSE ON THE NEW YEAR
oh god, caps, sorry
for now, goodbye

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