Midnight Rambles

Depending on who you are, midnight might not seem like such a big deal. To me however, staying past that 12 o'clock mark is equivalent to an all-nighter. I have a very difficult time falling asleep in the evenings, mostly due to my obsession with YouTube and blogs. Even after i run out of things to do, i just go on searching for new people. Once the laptop does get turned down, and eventually it does ( sometimes against my will), the thoughts trickle in.Ugly horrible thoughts that i try hard to swat away but does not work. And so i sit in bed at 3am and watch christmas specials until i finally shut-down and get a nice rest. Those usually last around 5 hours with a little bit of tea help. That is, as long as i refrain from peeing. The moment i get up to use the loo, i become a fully functioning zombie and sleep becomes an age old tale. Following my odd sleep patterns, the rest of the day is spent in bed, on my laptop.It is a never-ending cycle that must be broken. I propose two solutions ( after viewing all morning vlogmas videos of-course. )

1. Make my bed ( as to not  be tempted to get back in )
2. Hide the laptop

i feel as if i have wasted precious family time by being such a shitty 21st century dweeb.

alrighty goodnight everyone and happy Christmas eve!


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