My Evening Routine

I have finally put up a new video! 

I actually filmed this Saturday night as i did not want to leave my bed, at all. I told myself i wasn't getting out of bed, but rather, making a video, and that simmered up some energy!

Unfortunately, it took quite some time to go live due to technology malfunctions. Let's just say, movie-maker is no more. The video also made me look rather odd at such a wide screen, but i am extremely proud of it. Many hours and hair pulling frustration was paid off, sort of. 

Okay so it wasn't  vivannadoesmakeup perfect, but i tried!

Anyone else adore the movie 'like crazy' ? It was my first time watching it and it was glorious! And sad, yes very sad. 

Alright everyone, have a lovely night! 

Three days until Christmas! 


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