Things i have watched over the Holiday

An evening post

hello everyone!!! Oh, how fast the time goes. Two weeks in bed, on my laptop.


I feel horrid being as i could have cleaned and helped and such, apart from occasional showers, multiple trips to the kitchen, and making snacks for grams and dad, i have done nothing.

causes :

              internet addiction
              dread for the end of the holidays
               realizing i have to go back to school in a mere two weeks
              ( i'm not ready. I miss my parents just thinking about it )

 to pass the time and cure my TVD hangover, i have been watching a lot of content, here we go!

  • The Originals : 
ALL OF THEM IN IN ONE DAY (and a half)

Bloody Brilliant.

I have now a large space in my heart for Klaus and Elijah. Plus, the girl from pixel perfect is there, and the girl from Starstruck (also a disney film), oh and hello! Rebekah and Hayley moments = h20 REUNION!
  • Love Actually : 
A mind numbing cheesy film with a horrific plot and huge budget. Enough of a budget where they can afford to hire outstanding oscar winning actors to balance out its horribleness.

I will probably see it again.

It's just one of those movies that you sit and watch without having to think too hard or be at risk of becoming  emotionally scarred for the rest of your life.

  • Valentines Day: 
Same as above except for the acting. I don't know, maybe it was just Taylor Swift. I do enjoy her music but i did not enjoy her acting as it seemed a bit forced. It was teen wolf all over again.   However, George Lopez was hilarious  and everybody loves Ashton. It was nice, i don't know... again, sometimes, we just need schmaltzy silly romantic comedies.

  • It's kind of a funny story :
             watched it because

1. psychology
2. it is based on a book i was interested in reading
3. i thought Logan lerman was going to be in it.
Instead, it was the actor from united states of tara. A young boy who i was accustomed to seeing play a homosexual teenager struggling with teenagery things. He will forever be that boy, like Rob will always be Edward. Good movie though, cute ( cheesy** we need more synonyms ) and it made me smile.

Sigh, oh the cheesy plot-less films, are these signs of a midlife crisis?

  • Episodes 1 and 2 of "My So Called Life" ( yup, that title answers the midlife question perfectly.)
Only because I am in love with jared leto and could not pass the opportunity to see him on my TV screen as he played Jordan Catalano ( A sexy highschool student ) This show was made in the 90's and Jared (or as i've coined him, Jare Bear ) was as svelte then as he is now. 
Being as i was vicariously living through the protagonist, i became extremely angry and frustrated as she continued to shove Jordan Catalano ( Jare Bear) away from her while he attempted to make-out with her, So i presumed to click the television off. I am sorry, but i am not up for any more drama,  i have enough of Klaus for that. If jared leto wants to passionately make love to you in the front seat of his car, you happily agree and bear his children, no questions asked.

  • Deadwood :
I only got a minute into the first episode and zoned out, it was 4am. I have heard endless raves and my dad owns the box set so i will see it eventually ( also free on On Demand) but i want to be able to take my time with it and really understand it. 

My favorite Vloggers are 
  1. essiebuttonvlogs
  2. SprinkleofChatter
  3. shaytards
ooo and how can i forget, i also caught the 'Austin & Alley ' horrible back of the head shot from their first kiss but not really because it's disney. Nonetheless, i was thrilled!!

I should go off and make some sleepy-time tea, but i'm afraid i've had two izzie's * fruit soda, potato chips and rice, i don't think tea will sit well on top of all that. I don't even want to get up, bleh

Okay Happy Holidays and excuse these weird night rambles

i have an entire list of videos i'd like to film and two awaiting blog posts already photographed. BOO

i had so much time and did not utilize it properly, so many days wasted. Any tips on leaving your bed??

Goodnight loverly readers


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