2014 | Little Victories

Good morning everyone!
Well, perhaps not the morning, but it sort of feels like it here in Casa Vicky.
As I lay and peruse the day’s posts, I realize how differently everyone seems to approach the New Year. Some propose to lose some weight while others focus on their previous success.
It’s amazing to think that the entire world is preparing for a blank slate and building up enough motivation to last through spring. But, do you not set goals for yourself every day?
Let us maintain this buoyant energy and carry it on one day at a time.
Make smaller lists, perhaps only for the morning then one later for the evening.
I feel as if reaching daily goals is equivalent to scoring a winning  lottery ticket. You will feel accomplished that you remembered to tell your parents how much you loved them and ironed that shirt you needed for Sunday.
It’s outstanding to set high standards for your year, but put that list away, and don’t let it daunt you.
Take things step by step, and if there’s suddenly something on that list you no longer want to do, re-write it.
Focusing on your previous success too, is quite the confidence booster.
Sit down and think, you don’t even have to mark it down, just ponder on all the beautiful things you’ve done. You graduated, got the job, stuck through tough decisions and finally cleaned your room! Whatever they might be, feel proud, and give yourself a nice squeeze!
You’re so great!
And this 2014, every day will be valued and seen as a little victory.

Happy Days Ahead! 

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