A song + a time = a memory

I recently discovered a blog called "Sometimes Sweet" and, not long ago, she began posting regular prompts the she along with her readers could have a chance to answer

i think it's a great way to get those juices flowin'.

Here is my response:

 Music and sounds

Rhythms that take you places


sometimes where you don’t want to be.

A single note can send me stumbling forward into days i wish to forget
but others bring laughter and joy.

I remember walking through the sweltering streets of Miami in the middle of the night with my younger cousin and her friends. It was their holiday, I just happened to tag along. There were cars rushing past us filling our lungs with exhaust and sending our hair flying so as to mask our faces with salty strands. There were humming streetlights above our heads which cast an eerie glow. A radiance, which looking back now, should have seemed frightening, but at the time, the false orange shade was only reminiscent of the setting sun. Hotels flickered as we crossed them and shadows crept at each corner, scaring yet delighting us with their presence. We walked in small clumps yelling and screaming. Each began carrying a tune and within a few seconds, the dark air was filled with lyrics belonging to payphone by maroon five. The melody was fairly new to our ears causing made-up words to spew forth but that didn’t stop us. We sang along and ran through the streets, sand in our toes and water in our ears. The sun’s touch had not yet left our skin. We sang all the way back to our room.

it’s rare I ever get to experience anything but my four walls, but each time I hear that song it takes me back to the one night, hair a mess, smile in tow. It was great being reckless and carefree, if only for a few minutes. 


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    1. that's so sweet gracias!!

      I never get your notifications so i just have to remember to check your blog every week and i read your most recent post last night. you had me laughing so hard had to control myself because my roommate was sleeping! haha oh my goodness

  2. Lmao!! Oh i am glad you liked it! I dont get notifications either, I have to be constantly checking, too. And you're welcome!!


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