Don't forget to smile

I was having a pretty average day today and didn’t have much to look forward to aside from a pile of homework. (Which I still haven’t started)  
I spent this last week taking notes and nit-picking at one of Nabokov’s classics ‘The Eye’, to then be completely dismissed in class. The majority of the topics I wanted to discuss were never mentioned and whatever I did end up sputtering was pretty darn awful.
Seriously, everyone had such intelligent remarks and all I had was ‘did you notice the bold font?’ a comment which was taken as completely irrelevant. It wasn't to me, but I was outnumbered. Class resumed with continually witty analyzations and I swore to never speak up again.
But, on my way back to my dorm, a girl I’d never met stopped me and complemented my outfit.
I was completely shocked and so overjoyed that someone would even take notice of my existence. 
I had noticed the heels she was wearing, before actually crossing ways, and was in awe at how beautiful they were. I  didn't know how to go about saying anything but her compliment gave be an opening. Unfortunately, all I could muster was
“Your shoes are awesome’ and I gave her a thumbs up

Reasons why YouTube is ruining my life
1.       Reinforces introverted habits
2.       makes it seem socially acceptable to give people a thumbs up

Anyway, the point is, even a simple smile from a stranger can really brighten someone’s day.
So thank you to the wonderful girl who complemented my dress.

Remember to always look up and smile, you never know whose day you can turn around!

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