Even Artichokes Have Hearts

Good Morning Everyone!
Or Afternoon? I don’t know.
I haven’t done these in quite some time and just felt like posting up a stream of consciousness today.
No outfits or product pictures, no sappy poems, just words.
So my second semester of college started about 2 weeks ago and I’m slowly drowning in work. It is a lot, but definitely manageable, if you’re not on the internet 24/7.  It’s hard to put away the laptop and say no, I feel so attached to all these wonderful bloggers and YouTubers, just living vicariously through them and learning new things.
That’s how you get stuck.
It’s  this loop and you swear to yourself that you’ll get through that pile of work tomorrow. But you don’t. Soon midterms roll around and you’re doomed. Good Job!
Sigh, Silly victoria problems..anyway
aside from school, which is pretty banal, yesterday was valentine’s day!
It was so lovely receiving such sweet messages from my immediate family and watching fun romantic comedies! My roommate and I watched ‘Beauty and The Briefcase” as well as “Amelie”.
Sidenote: I had seen Amelie only once before and had forgotten how much I loved it. If you have not seen it yet, I recommend it. It is a brilliant, awkward, funny and artistic French film. It has lines like “ At least you’ll never be a vegetable, even artichokes have hearts.”
I also scarfed down an entire box of peeps (hallelujah for Easter candy! ) and just sort of lazed around.
It was a nice Friday night.
 I hope you guys had a beautiful valentine’s day, whether you were with your pet, family, romantic partner, or alone with peeps, I hope it was amazing!
I also have this disgusting eruption on my chin. Yea, you know those pimples that you feel coming, try to stop in its tracks, and then just BAM! You wake up and there it is, smack on your face. Yup, glorious zit if you ask me, such determination. I should take something from these stubborn volcanic eruptions.
I know these are sort of silly and random, but it feels nice to deviate from the ‘standard blog’, if that’s even a thing, and just chat.
Blogs should be your space to post what you love. Anything from clouds to recipes.
I’m excited for more rambly posts, I hope that’s alright!
Have a fantabulous weekend everyone

PS: I posted a ‘getting ready’ video just a few of days ago if you’re interested. You know, just more of my face! 

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