Getting Ready | Hair & Skincare

The perfect do for that dirty hair 

  • Comb Through it ( if you can )
  • Spray in some dry shampoo or texturizing product to help everything look a little nicer. 
  • Ruffle it up, add some volume! (mostly for the ponytail bit, not so much the top.) 
  • Brush those locks back ( tilting your head back will help you get a higher pony)
  • Secure it with one elastic ( if you have hair as long as mine, you may need two)
  • Brush away the fly-aways
  • Give a little twist
  • Et voila! 
We can all do this in our sleep, O'Hail the high ponytail and a shout out to the top knots!

I do not cleanse my skin in the mornings, i know, don't kill me! 
I find that a nice splash of cold water does the trick! 

I do, however, slather on the skincare! 


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  1. I am such a big fan of the pony tail. I don't understand why braids and buns get to have all the fun, haha… I put a pony tail post up a while back too, check it out if you have time… http://behindthemirrorbeauty.com/2013/10/19/icon-ponytail/
    Behind the Mirror


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