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My skin is a little bit tricky and takes quite a bit of energy to keep it under control.
I'm horrible when it comes to what i put inside my body as i stay away from leafy greens and gobble up microwaveable poison. I know i know, it's just difficult to stay away from all the junk when you barely have time to take a sip of water. The semester has only just begun and the pile of work is nearly toppling over.

Greasy foods, lack of sleep, and an immense amount of stress DEMANDS some skin  rescue.

Clarins Brightening Plus toner - A recommendation by Caroline Hirons, she is a goddess when it comes to skincare. It is just a simple exfoliating toner which helps get rid of all that dead skin on my face and adds a bit of plumpness.

Aesop Parsley Seed Serum - For an all natural glow. It is like water for my dehydrated skin. It just soaks up and allows for all the other skincare you place on top to apply smoother, really brightening the complexion.

Alpha H Liquid Gold - the lazy girl's savior! Seriously, just slather this stuff on twice a week right before bed and you wake up with glowing skin. It is an intense liquid exfoliater which works like magic. I do not know why it took be this long to buy it.

What are your go-to saviors for when your skin wrecks havoc?

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