What are you good at?

For some reason I've either scrolled passed or told myself “eh, I’ll do the next one” when reading sometimes sweet over the week. But it is now prompt #10 and I do want to give it a shot. You can read my last one here.

This one is about things you are good at or passionate about and you’re road to discovery!

So let’s start with a list
      1. Eggs over easy
      2. Writing
      3. Filming
      4. Reading


To be completely honest, I’m not particularly good at anything. However, I find that time does in fact strengthen ability. You can become good at doing things you thoroughly enjoy, or even despise, like math! It just takes patience.

      1. Eggs over easy

The motherload! I adore eggs, and have been making my own breakfast since grade 7. But every time I’d attempt to do the flip, they’d flop. The poor things ended up looking like a scrambled mess. I gave up on eggs for a while after that. 

Fast-forward five years

I can make a pretty mean egg.  It’s all in the spatula, trust the spatula.

            2. Writing

This is another which I’m no pro at. I’ve been rambling inside of journals since I learned how to read. I used to tell my parents I was going to be a lyricist. I never considered myself a writer or thought of doing it with a purpose. I dabbled in fan fiction during the twilight years and wrote my fair share of amateur poetry drenched in teenage angst. It wasn't until by senior year of high school that a passion really arose. It welled within me intermingling with a gift I've had within my gut this whole time. Reading the words of poets long gone inspired my creativity and I wrote every day that entire year, no matter how terrible.I wrote and my muse was there. I’m not perfect, there is no science to what I do but I love it. I’ve spent almost an entire year without writing a single word but that’s why I have this blog. If it wasn't for this urgent need to write and share ideas, I don’t think this blog would even exist! You can read some of my stuff on here.

  *  The camera. The day my grandfather bought home that Polaroid, I had reached nirvana. There are stories in pictures, memories, still life photographs, movement, cheer, sadness, everything! You capture an image the way you perceive it and try to include others into your lens. Showing them your field of vision

   3. Filming.

Home movies, surrounded by tape recorders capturing life.

 I, always wanting to be in the front, dancing and laughing. 

When I got my hands on a digital camera, the only thing I wanted to do was record myself! This desire to capture every moment flourished into a YouTube channel! It began terribly but through each video and edit, they got better and better. You discover yourself, becoming more savvy and comfortable. I would do this every single day for my entire life if I had to. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes and work post-production, but the final result is always worth it!

              4.  Reading

No one is a good or bad reader. ( Although Nabokov would argue otherwise)
But this one isn’t a developed skill. This one is a memory I’ll never forget. My grandfather told me to always read, read anything, for everything is an opportunity to gain knowledge and grow. Books tell stories, yes, but they also reveal a bit of the writer and allow you to find yourself. Your first interpretation is always biased but there’s so much to know about the world and your own mind. He bought me books, I went to school and read more books! (Ghost stories mostly because I was a creepy kid) Then twilight rolled around and I discovered YA. I’ve never stopped reading. Even the worst books had a lesson to teach. Heart of darkness taught me to be an analytical reader, and a re-reader. I can now discover symbols without looking too hard, it’s the analogies that get me!

Anyways, so that’s it. What are you good at?


  1. This is great! I especially loved your brief description on your egg making abilities and the section about reading; I have always been good at reading myself but have been slacking on that lately. I have a vacation coming up, though, and four intriguing reads, so hopefully I can get back into it! Thank you for posting. <3

    1. thank you very much! :)

      yes, vacations are a perfect place to catch up on reading!

  2. Great Post! and you are definitely a great writer. I have been following a long for a while and really enjoy your posts!

  3. Your blog is gorgeous! Seriously. I'm following on bloglovin' right now :) I write poetry, and no matter how many times someone tells me I'm good at it, there's still this nagging at the back of my mind thinking "what if they just feel like they have to say that?" anyway, can't wait to read more posts soon!

    x Erin


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