just two more weeks....

I was not expecting to write a post today but i can't seem to break free of my slump!!

See, i have a six page paper and an exam both due tuesday alongside a short presentation i must rehearse for monday.

This shouldn't be a big deal, i just wrote a ten page paper not so long ago.

But somehow, stress levels are high enough where i have broken out in hives!!

Yes, a literal rash, it's been four days....

I originally blamed all that easter chocolate, but with further thought, i've come to the conclusion that it may be stress induced.

(I've still quit chocolate, just in case)

I've gotten through three tubes of benadryl and finished off the last bit of my allergy medication.


I just figured that typing up a blog post would at least prepare me for the long typing ahead.

I had all day to write the damn thing, but have just, as of now, decided i probably should start.

Oh procrastination, how dare you!

It's just so easy to sit, munch on pecan cookies, and stream 30 rock on netflix.

but that paper must be written!

At least outlined...

Well happy mothers day to all your mums and happy writing!

What do you do to break free from a lazy slump??



  1. Oh Vicky!! Aveeno really helps for the rash.

    You can do this! Breath. Relax. You can do this!!!

    Happy Mother's Day to Grams!!

    1. it's so hard not to scratch!! I don't have aveeno :(

      sigh, i still haven't done it. I'm psyching myself out and finding Anything to do besides this paper!

      happy mother's day to mama vasquez!


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