Days in July | #1

Where I will Blog every day in July. (Except Fridays, because those are reserved for Merci Vendredi)

July 1st

I had pizza for breakfast today. It was a nice start to the morning!! I try to eat clean as much as I can but I will forever indulge in a bit of pizza!

With my social anxiety, leaving the house and doing things for my own become really challenging. So my grandma stepped in and did something really awesome. She booked a driving lesson for me. I have an overwhelming fear of driving, but I know that getting my license will be a large step to becoming an adult and gaining more independence. Of feeling less useless. I’m terrified, but excited.

I edited and uploaded two videos today. They made me happier. I missed spending time with my camera and being silly. Just smiling for a bit really got those endorphins going. I now feel ready for an awesome month!

I’ll see you tomorrow. 

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