Days in July | # 11

Are you stuck in a rut?

Here are a few things i do if i get a bad case of writer's block. 

1. Write everything down. Keep a notebook and pen with you at ALL times! In your bag, nightstand, and even back pocket. You never know when you're muse will strike and if you don't write it down, you may forget. Regardless of how terrible you believe your ideas to be, when you find them scribbled down some other time, they'll serve as inspiration for new projects! So fill pages with nonsense. In any case, messes can always be organized and the end result may be well worth it.  

2. Listen to Music. 
   Play some tunes, whether they are old favorites or just an 8tracks playlist you randomly chose. Listen to the words, rap your fingers to the rhythm, allow yourself to feel. Then take some time to write it all down. Any lyric you enjoyed, how the rhythm seemed to become a part of you, and the emotions that arose with the melodies. 

3. Choose ONE thing and describe it in all its complexity. Use all of your senses. Allow yourself to see mundane things in greater detail. Scan objects from all different angles and lights. Heck, turn off the lights and see if you can capture its darkness in words. Make the every-day into something unique! 

4. Read. 
   Allow yourself to be inspired my other's words. Get sucked into their worlds and write down all of your favorite quotes. Being a part of someone else's imagination can help to spark your own. 
 5. Watch a GREAT film! (or a bad one)
      Listen to the dialogue, laugh, cry, appreciate the camera angles and soundtrack. Write down all the qualities of your favorite characters, and the ones you hated. What makes them that way? Films help with story building and allow you to take part in another art form. Plus, it's just fun to laze around for a bit and live vicariously through people on a screen. Sometimes films are outstanding enough where you leave feeling as if you can take on the world. You may be inspired to write something just as kick-ass!

6. Maybe you're stuck at home with no way out. There's no nature you can lie in or a beach to swim in, just your bed. So close your eyes and imagine you're somewhere else. Create an entire new setting filled with sounds and delightful aromas! Bring this world to life with your paper and pen.

 7. Choose your favorite piece of artwork or photograph. Now imagine that no one else in the world can see it, and soon, neither will you. In a fleeting moment you must capture its beauty so that you may later share it with the world.

8. Grab a magazine, catalog or newspaper article. Choose a page, pick up a marker, and go to town! Black-out all the useless words and keep the ones you like. Create prose with the sports section and a haiku about Pantene's new conditioner. It's like a cardboard box filled with words. Play around with syntax and enjoy making something new!

9. Try a New Medium

Sometimes, there's nothing to write. That's okay. Do something else. Draw, paint, take pictures, film a video, knit, cook, do something else that involves creating something out of nothing!

10. It's easy to get stuck in a rut when you haven't written in a while. If you make it a habit to write every single day, it becomes much easier. I once heard Lana Del Rey quote Francis Coppola in an interview. She said,  " If you sit down at the same place, at the same time, everyday, the muse will know where to find you. "

Happy Writing! :) 


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