Days in July | #12

I feel like I spent all of my energy on yesterday’s post.
Sigh, it’s a bit difficult coming up with new content every day!
But fun. It’s become a project, something to keep me busy.
So, I need to confess something…
I’m re-reading Twilight.  
That’s right. Seven years ago, a 12 year old me read that book. It was my holy bible. Now I’m re-reading it. It is absolutely hysterical!!! Bella cracks jokes and is very egotistical. That’s totally okay for me to write down because she admits it on page 31.
She basically believes the Cullen’s to be drug addicts and is just overall a funny character. I don’t hate it! It reads like a YA contemporary.
Here is the best line in the book.

Mike: Wow, it’s snowing.
Bella: Ew.

Sums it up perfectly if you ask me.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

ps: today’s day 1 of the BOOKTUBE-A-THON eeeee!!!!!
pps: I have a dentist appointment today. I hope to get a tiny bottle of toothpaste whilst I’m there.

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