Days in July | #2 June Films

July 2nd

A peek at the films i watched this month

                        ( Netflix )

A movie about accepting yourself. I recall watching this as a kid but it was just as fun watching it now! It was very sweet and entertaining.

Spoiler* I sort of wish Penelope would have remained with her nose instead of breaking the curse. The whole point was to accept oneself for who they are and I feel like her mom didn't. It was all "You're beautiful, but that nose though!" Her mother refused to believe that the nose was a part of her daughter and i think it would have made a greater impact if Penelope's nose had stayed the same.


I had high hopes for this one, and it did not let me down. The jokes were great! My earth chattering laughter didn't come to play, however, until Vanellope cracked a joke about doo doo. That's right. I hear a poop joke and I lose it  The film had great dialogue,cool animation, and there was even an unexpected plot twist!


I don't know what this was. 

I recall having seen the previews for this film last summer and had wanted to see it right away. (If only because the actress Toni Collete was in it) Summer came and went and I never saw it. 

So one night, as i lay in bed, i decided to click around through On Demand. Suddenly, there it was! This awesome movie I wanted to see with the amazing actress from United States of Tara. 

Then it all went downhill. 

It tried, it really did. The majority of the actors were fantastic, but the plot lacked substance and the lead actor killed me. 

He looked miserable. And he was supposed to be, technically, but it was just uncomfortable to watch. His speech was terrible. I just wish it had a different protagonist. 

Nevertheless, it was entertaining. Sort of like a film version of a beach read. Fun and easy to get through. Leaves you with a sweet message and a longing for summer. But the actor just ruined it. 

Have you seen any of theses films??

What awesome movies have you seen this month?

Let me know in the comments!! 

I'll see you tomorrow. 


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