A wobbly day

Most days are alright.

But there are those that are a bit unbalanced. 
You can feel it in your gut the moment you wake up.
Today has been one of those days.
Like a glass plate teetering at the edge of a table.
Will it regain balance or will it crash towards the floor?
Mine almost fell, but it’s only 3’Oclock, there’s still time to teeter.

The things that have happened on this wobbly day thus far:

1.       Woke up in a panic
2.       Arrived late to French
3.       Incorrectly responded to everything in class  (although I studied French all weekend)
4.       Fell off my bike
5.       Arrived to Spanish and found there was an assignment due that day I had no knowledge of (no worries, I’ve just completed it and e-mailed it out, phew.)

Let’s see what the rest of the day brings….

Are you also having a wobbly day?

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