The Lovers

Sometimes, when my roommate and I go out to buy groceries, I see these two lovers.
A man on his bike and a woman on the handle bars.
They are beautiful and magnificent and all I want to do is photograph them. I want to somehow capture all of their joy and innocence in one picture but it’s always so fleeting.

So I wrote about them instead.

" Every time we cross the road, there the lovers are. Smiles, flowers, and hair ablaze. A 60’s match replaying like a distant memory, alive and real. I yearn to scream and hear a song from blissful lips. On they go, radiant and gold, to capture the day in their fragile hands and set free a light never imagined. The lovers laugh as they marvel each other, as if there was no road, no sign, no earth. A Love so powerful it drowned out everything else. If I were alone, I’d thought to have imagined it.
They are transcendent beyond our own. I love them. I never want them to fade. I want him to place another flower in her hair and ride in infinite circles. Forever in the mystical microcosm on the side of the road. " -FrailRouge

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