A Set of Three

Just some poetry,
to you from me.

A Swim

There wasn’t anything i wanted more than to bite your smile and drag your ideas across the bay. 
Breasts deep underwater, breath deep above the clear. 
Travel with me far away, adventures but a swim at the bay. 

For a Minute

You live in a cloud. 
One of white lungs and golden rings. 
Each breath a magic fray of thread-like thought. 
The world screams in multi-color; 5th dimensions. 
The last one is for me. 
Let us float away together for a minute, or three. 

Another moon doused  in a fragrance so powerful my chest grew flowers. 
Magnetic lavender and electric thyme. 
Conducted with care. 
It is time for creative thought, love, and midnight spells. 


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