Halloween Specials | Part 2

I was having a difficult time writing up this list because I feel like the only Halloween specials on Netflix worth watching are from the The Office. Am I the only one who feels this way? Anyways, let's begin!



Gratitude Log #5

I am grateful for,
  • The two surviving glow in the dark stars on my wall
  • My brain! We ARE our brains. 
  • Virgo Season
  • Sunsets
  • When the seeds you plant begin to grow 


Reading Rebecca | Chapters 7-9

Here's the audio narration.

Favorite Lines  +  Post It's 

" She came towards me, and I held out my hand, envying her for her dignity and her composure; but when she took my hand hers was limp and heavy, deathly cold, and it lay in mine like a lifeless thing" Pg. 67-68 
    • A euphemism for her honeymoon. 
    • She may have fluffed a cold, limp, ghost
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