I'm talking about my generation

Title Lyric from Brooklyn Baby 

A Careless Rhythm

a careless rhythm
each time you slump your head beside the couch.
One deep held breath exhaled
just to prove that you are done.
Done with what?
I do not know,
for all you do is lay
beside that empty bowl
of corn flakes.



     Wow was I excited about these! IntoTheGloss finally opened up shop and I couldn't help but pick up a couple of products. I chose the balm dot com and their skin tint. From the first squeeze I knew the balm would be a winner. Thick, rich and just....well..the balm dot com. The skin tint, on the other hand, I still have to work with. Those with nice skin who don't usually wear makeup may really enjoy this product. My skin, however, is extremely problematic and the skin tint didn't do much aside from cling to dry patches.
     Can we talk about presentation? The pink box was beautiful, and those stickers! Yes please. I hope every makeup brand starts making stickers so that I can cover all my products with them. Let's celebrate being women and have fun just being girls! I know the company is marketed towards women, but regardless of your preferred gender, if skin is important to you and you like the idea of being careless and playful with your products,i recommend taking a browse through their site. Are you an IntoTheGloss reader? Have you tried any of their products? Let me know in the comments.


Sunday OOTD | FrailRouge


It tightens the chest as it curdles near the spine. Enveloping each cell with its poison. The shivers lift high and creep beneath the skull. A body programmed by fear and driven by sorrow. Left to fight a battle with no end. 


Dark & Empty

I guess it’s just the way it goes.
Behind your eyes
and through your chest.
I guess I know that
when you’re gone
the sky will tremble,
my lips will swell.
Because the times
which are not spent
with you,
are dark,
and empty,
through & through.

                                        - FrailRouge