Off - Duty | an un-edited OOTD

Top- Grams's Top (Ross)
Bottoms - Dad's Ralph Lauren Trousers (probably from Ross)
Belt - Walmart
Nixon Watch
Lips - Nars Mascate

I'm feeling a lot better in comparison to last week. Still taking everything step by step but i'm extremely excited that i am able to post today!! Hope to see you all soon!


A rough patch

Hello Everybody!

I know I haven’t posted anything in quite some time, but that is because I’m going through a rough patch. I’ve moved back in to college, and school begins this Monday. My schedule is jam packed and my mental health has been pretty awful lately. All I’ve done is cry and remain in a state of panic. I have scheduled an appointment with a school therapist in order to get some help. Doing normal things like shower and eat have become extremely difficult, so focusing on my blog and YouTube is completely out of the question.  I’ve done some stats homework to get my mind off of things but it’s still hard to not sulk and become depressed in the silence. Just know that I’m going through an extremely difficult time and just cannot produce any content as of yet. Once I start to feel better, and my schedule gets sorted, I will back on track. But, as for now, I will be leaving you all with a temporary goodbye. It may take a couple of weeks or even months but hopefully I’ll be back posting and uploading videos in no time. Until then!! 


Body Count | A poem

three lines beside your eyes. 
six freckles down your cheek. 
nine inches from your lips. 
A kiss. 
Ten fingers on my hips. 



Hello everybody!!
I realize I never finished days in July, and for that I am sorry. I was feeling rather ill and just not in the blogging mood towards the end of July. But, I did manage to write the month a quick letter before it was over.
“Dear July,
    You’re nearing the end. Soon you will be gone and I don’t think I’m ready for that. You’re end marks a new beginning. A return to a new year of school. Hotter days and new experiences.  I loved you July, and I’m sad you’re almost over. But I hope to see you again soon, with new stories and renewed wonder. “

hope all of your July’s were blissful and hopefully we can do this again next year. Perhaps we’ll keep it at every other day in July. haha

ALSO! Merci Vendredi will be right back on schedule, don’t think I’ve forgotten! I just needed a little break to get back into the swing of things. See you soon! 



I found this on my computer and decided to share it with you all!! You can also read it over on wattpad :)

 He didn’t move. He didn’t blink. Every part of him was numb and dismembered. There remained a shadow of arms and of breath, of care, and light, but there was nothing now. He didn’t know how far the darkness extended. He couldn’t tell whether he was lying on his back or actually standing. There was no bodily response, no urgent need to flee, just stillness. This didn’t bother him, although he knew it should. Take a breath, he thought. Take a breath. He must have been breathing yet could not feel the expansion of his lungs. He could only sense the uncomfortable cool of the air as it became trapped in his mouth and then vanished. Somewhere deep within his being, that breath kept him alive. And so what he did next was rather strange, he blew up his cheeks and held it. Held the cold inside his mouth and waited. For what, he didn’t know. But breathing seemed like the only thing he had control over. How strange it was, that as he opened his eyes to take another breath, he realized he was sinking.  



Days in July | #20

I didn't know what to talk about today so i decided to do the next best thing; draw a narwhal.

This is what happened

Lisa Frank stamp of approval!! Am i right?

I'll see you guys tomorrow!


Days in July | #19

A bit of coffee sits at the bottom of the mug. It isn’t enough for a nice big gulp, and it’s much too cold now. If you look inside it, you could sort of see your reflection. Muddled and warped, but still there. “Hey me, at the bottom of the mug!” This smooth ivory receptacle has cinnamon sprinkled all over its walls. Like freckles, speckled about, adding warmth and character. It smells so good, but there’s so little left. I wish I had a fuller cup of coffee.



Days in July | #18

I love pineapples.
Heck, all tropical fruits are delightful!!
They’re so sweet and refreshing on a hot summer day.

It’s weird though. Now this may not be true, but I once read that pineapples contain some sort of flesh eating acid. I have not googled this. But supposedly, that’s why it can make your tongue feel a bit scratchy, like with kiwis. So as I munch on teeny pineapple chunks, I can’t help but wonder if they’re secretly gnawing away at my stomach lining. It’s a terrifying thought. But I love them anyways.