The Lovers

Sometimes, when my roommate and I go out to buy groceries, I see these two lovers.
A man on his bike and a woman on the handle bars.
They are beautiful and magnificent and all I want to do is photograph them. I want to somehow capture all of their joy and innocence in one picture but it’s always so fleeting.

So I wrote about them instead.

" Every time we cross the road, there the lovers are. Smiles, flowers, and hair ablaze. A 60’s match replaying like a distant memory, alive and real. I yearn to scream and hear a song from blissful lips. On they go, radiant and gold, to capture the day in their fragile hands and set free a light never imagined. The lovers laugh as they marvel each other, as if there was no road, no sign, no earth. A Love so powerful it drowned out everything else. If I were alone, I’d thought to have imagined it.
They are transcendent beyond our own. I love them. I never want them to fade. I want him to place another flower in her hair and ride in infinite circles. Forever in the mystical microcosm on the side of the road. " -FrailRouge


Ma vie vide.

Si c’est la vie, 
je suis un fantasme.
Une illusion.
Pas de couleur.
Pas de l'amour.



cada día

Las victorias más grandes de esta vida son los momentos que comparto contigo cada día. 
- FrailRouge


That Never Was

Like ink, opaque.
The sheets which cover, lie headfirst onto crisp white.
 I write and write.
With, without, and wondering. 
You, You, You.
The only part of life that never was. 


Brush Strokes

Sometimes I feel the brush strokes which paint me turn black and white. 



I'm interning at a preschool...

Lizzie: [yawns]
Me: Are you sleepy?
Lizzie: [Stares at me very seriously] i ONLY yawn when i'm sleepy.

Simone: Why did the cow cross the road?
Class: Why?
Simone: Because he wanted to dead.
Class: [breaks into false laughter]

Kiana: The biggest thing in the world IS the world
Teacher: That's like saying the biggest part of your body IS your body


Like a pebble caught inside a wave.
Away from what it once knew,
Open and blue,
to drown.