Days in July | #20

I didn't know what to talk about today so i decided to do the next best thing; draw a narwhal.

This is what happened

Lisa Frank stamp of approval!! Am i right?

I'll see you guys tomorrow!


Days in July | #19

A bit of coffee sits at the bottom of the mug. It isn’t enough for a nice big gulp, and it’s much too cold now. If you look inside it, you could sort of see your reflection. Muddled and warped, but still there. “Hey me, at the bottom of the mug!” This smooth ivory receptacle has cinnamon sprinkled all over its walls. Like freckles, speckled about, adding warmth and character. It smells so good, but there’s so little left. I wish I had a fuller cup of coffee.



Days in July | #18

I love pineapples.
Heck, all tropical fruits are delightful!!
They’re so sweet and refreshing on a hot summer day.

It’s weird though. Now this may not be true, but I once read that pineapples contain some sort of flesh eating acid. I have not googled this. But supposedly, that’s why it can make your tongue feel a bit scratchy, like with kiwis. So as I munch on teeny pineapple chunks, I can’t help but wonder if they’re secretly gnawing away at my stomach lining. It’s a terrifying thought. But I love them anyways. 


Days in July | #16

No pictures today.

It’s Saturday!! Get out and soak up some glorious rays.
Feel the warmth on your skin, and go somewhere.
Or nowhere.
Just drive about without a destination. Walk around your block in endless shapes.
 Just do something different.  Whatever it is you haven’t even thought of doing, like jumping on your bed or spending countless hours prancing around an Ikea, do it!

I’ll see you tomorrow. 


Merci Vendredi | #4

A weekly Thank You note

Dear Dad, 

   Thanks for persisting that we listen to rock every time we drove in the car together. I hated your music, if only because I was kid, and kids go against their parents. It’s in our nature. But I secretly enjoyed it. And now I feel cultured. I know a bit about Queen and Deep Purple. I can sing along to Billy Joel and White Snake. You made me like Rock n’ Roll and now I get to steal your band T-shirts. I love you dearly.

See you next Friday

Side Note: I'm sorry for the picture dad. i took it randomly whilst you were brushing your teeth. I should've given you some time to properly pose. haha, but i like it!! 


Days in July | #15

BOOKTUBE-A-THON Challenges | Day 4
[ Write a short story using the title of three different books. ]

   I wake at the sighs of a dreamful slumber. I can feel your arms around me, entwined, so as to never let go. There is a soft glow on your face cast by the moon which peeks through soft curtains. Its light shines atop your skin as it travels through this whimsical twilight.  


Days in July | #14

I made the mistake of reading this book last night.

I was okay at first.

Then i read the page where lily handed him a note.

[ commence uncontrollable sobs ]

I read the rest of the book whilst heaving, trying to avoid getting snot on the pages. The further to the end I got, the more I cried.

This book was magnificent!

Read it when you can, but not right before bed. I woke up with puffy cheeks and tiny eyes. Not very attractive, but totally worth it. Five out of five!


Days in July | # 13

A poem i wrote in math class my junior year of high-school.

it is but a plant.
a mere stem 
which is doomed
to bend. 
a petal
that soon 
will fall. 
a wilting
which dies
in your


Days in July | #12

I feel like I spent all of my energy on yesterday’s post.
Sigh, it’s a bit difficult coming up with new content every day!
But fun. It’s become a project, something to keep me busy.
So, I need to confess something…
I’m re-reading Twilight.  
That’s right. Seven years ago, a 12 year old me read that book. It was my holy bible. Now I’m re-reading it. It is absolutely hysterical!!! Bella cracks jokes and is very egotistical. That’s totally okay for me to write down because she admits it on page 31.
She basically believes the Cullen’s to be drug addicts and is just overall a funny character. I don’t hate it! It reads like a YA contemporary.
Here is the best line in the book.

Mike: Wow, it’s snowing.
Bella: Ew.

Sums it up perfectly if you ask me.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

ps: today’s day 1 of the BOOKTUBE-A-THON eeeee!!!!!
pps: I have a dentist appointment today. I hope to get a tiny bottle of toothpaste whilst I’m there.